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Jaime Hellmuth Diniz

Anchor 18

Out of office:


Though he devotes most of his time to the practice of law, Jaime is nonetheless a voracious reader and also enjoying travelling to far-flung destinations like the Austrian Alps, the Colombian rainforest or an island in the Philippines. He is also a scuba diver and loves swapping the tales that inevitably follow these adventures. 



Languages: Portuguese, German, English, Spanish and French.



After completing his secondary education (Abitur) at the German School of Lisbon, Jaime graduated in 1996 from the University of Lisbon School of Law, and interned at the firm known then as “Sociedade de Advogados Manuel Cortes Rosa e Raul Soares da Veiga” (currently “Raul Soares da Veiga & Associados, RL”). He has been a lawyer since 1998, the same year in which he earned a post-graduate degree in juridical-administrative sciences.


Jaime has acquired broad experience in managing and advising on complex legal issues, especially those pertaining to companies or with international reach. His global and interdisciplinary perspectives on the law (and life...) are highly valuable in his daily professional life, including in the negotiations in which he intervenes, with a wide range of parties. When in court he intervenes with intense dedication and enthusiasm, particularly when the case proves to be demanding.

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