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The Firm


We love what we do - and that's why we never stopped practicing law since we embarked on our professional careers in 1996.


We practice law since 2001 in this firm that we now invite you to discover.


It’s here that every day, we strive to work with accuracy, high standard, loyalty, passion, realism, and, whenever possible, a touch of creativity!


We are committed to practising law in a direct, hand-on manner, also to ensure that we never lose sight of our identity. We are accessible indeed to our clients in order to resolve issues, to build businesses, to allow you to focus on what you do best...


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Together with us abroad


We also firmly support you in your international relationships.


We collaborate with law firms in several countries.

Furthermore, we easily interface with colleagues everywhere around the world – and we may go there, if that suits you best!

We do not simply refer you to our colleagues abroad. Instead, we maintain direct and continuous contact with them and intermediate as necessary.


We are committed to ensure that you feel yourself truly guided, whether you are in Portugal or abroad.

Jaime Hellmuth Diniz


After completing his secondary education in 1991 at the German School of Lisbon, Jaime graduated from the University of Lisbon School of Law and has been a lawyer since 1998, the same year in which he earned a post-graduate degree in juridical-administrative sciences



Paula Ricardo Madeira


Paula graduated from the Catholic University of Lisbon School of Law and has been a lawyer since 1998. She completed a post-graduate course in civil procedural practice in 2010.


We also count with ...


Our human structure is light and our legal practice independent: we ask for collaboration to whom we feel more suited to the case as dictated by the given circumstances and according to our best judgement.



And the






Sectors where we act


We are guided by common sense. We enjoy finding simple solutions to complex issues - and we do this to a vast gamut of sectors.

Here, we underscore:

adhesives, banking, food products, foreign investment, health, household care, human resources, information technology, marketing and advertising, modern distribution, real estate, residues, skincare and tourism. 



We work with technical rigour across several areas of law on a cross-functional basis. Multidisciplinary solutions pivotal to the outcome of specific cases often arise from the merging of knowledge in several domains as well as through dialogue with colleagues possessing unique individual knowledge.


Those areas of law include:

administrative law, banking, business law,

civil law, competition, compliance,

consumer law, copyright,

corporate governance,

economic crimes and administrative offences, insolvency and corporate restructuring,

labour law,

litigation and arbitration,

producer liability and overall product safety and urban planning.


We adhere to a criteria of  efficiency

if we are not creating value for our clients, then we stop, reassess the circumstances

and identify alternatives.

We do not hide behind complex language:

we want our clients to clearly understand all of their options,

skipping confusion.

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We're close

Rua Braamcamp, 9 – 4

1250-048 Lisbon – Portugal

phone ++ 351 21 7956900

fax      ++ 351 21 7956901

Subway: Marquês de Pombal Station


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