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Paula graduated from the Catholic University of Lisbon School of Law in 1996, and interned at the firm known then as “Sociedade de Advogados Manuel Cortes Rosa e Raul Soares da Veiga” (currently “Raul Soares da Veiga & Associados, RL”). She has been practising law since 1998 and completed a post-graduate course in civil procedural practice in 2010.


Between 1992 and 2005 she worked in a medium sized family-run company. This way, she joined the business world while first pursuing her studies and then practising law. During that time, she gained an immense appreciation for businesspeople, a vision of companies from the “user perspective”, and a keen understanding of the need to seek out negotiated solutions that avoid the distress frequently inherent to judicial proceedings.


And because the good solution is often only reached after a heated legal dispute, Paula accumulated vast civil litigation experience in both judicial and arbitral courts. 

Paula Ricardo Madeira

Out of the office:


Because Paula considers her practice of the law to be a way of life, she rarely strays far from her work. When she has a chance, she particularly enjoys travelling to southern Portugal and savouring the pleasant climate. When in Lisbon, she loves to share a good meal and lively conversation at local restaurants, preferably against the backdrop of fado and guitar music.



Languages: Portuguese and English.

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